Amaranthus is a young and dynamic ensemble that innovates by allying baroque music with visual art. The two media are inspired by one another, exploring the fragile harmony of their dialogue.

Amaranthus does not simply place music on top of a video or sequence of images. The exact opposite is proposed: it is the music that brings the images to life, as they react to the different nuances of the pieces performed.

The visuals are inspired by baroque paintings. The specific use of light, the ornaments and colors, the positions of the hands in those paintings serve as a starting point for the projection’s aesthetics. At the same time, the musicians that are on stage play a guiding role in the video too. The visual artist observes their relationship with their instruments. Together they explore the possible dramatic interpretations of each score. The scenography of the film is based on baroque paintings, the musicians play on copies of historic instruments. The interpretation of the pieces however, both visually and musically, is fresh and contemporary.

The audience is invited to listen in a new way and to get submerged by the unique atmosphere of the performance. The spectator’s imagination gets carried away by a strongly suggestive stream of images and an exquisite musical program.

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