Amaranthus is an ensemble that combines baroque music with different artistic disciplines. The medias inspire each other, exploring the fragile balance of their dialogue. Starting from a theme that inspires them, the musicians embark on a musicological research and call on other artists to collaborate and find together an specific and unique form of expression.

In “Che Folia”, they explored the different faces of madness through a video made by Emilie Lauwers, visual artist.

The project "Temptations" emerged from the painting "The temptations of Saint Anthony": the narration of storyteller and art historian François Van Eeckhaute and the ephemeral drawings of Emilie Lauwers evoked hallucinations inspired on the Bosch universe.

In the project produced for Museum Night Fever in 2017, Amaranthus took the inspiration from a tapestry by Pieter Coecke which depicts a scene of war and battle. In response to these scenes where human hands express violence, Emilie Lauwers contrasted drawings of hands playing music: art as an antidote to violence.

Our next show orbits around love grieving.

Arias from French Baroque cantatas express sometimes anger, sometimes doubt, sometimes resignation ... Through the centuries, music has remained and it echoes the emotions of the audience. Sergio Roberto Gratteri, musicologist and director, invites the spectators to actively participate in the atmosphere.

In Amaranthus concerts, the audience is invited to listen in a different way, to be immersed in the unique atmosphere created by the performance. The aesthetic remains suggestive, giving free rein to the imagination of the public.

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